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a crisis situation or point in time when a critical decision must be made

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Likewise, since ABC monitors this critical point, does it share the data with you, providing you with a measurement service?
Now, there is a class of symmetries that are formulated in terms of the Bohr Hamiltonian and that can be applied to critical point situation [24-26].
to find the critical points. As the direct differentiation of P (see (15)) is too complicated, we prefer to employ the implicit differentiation on EOS (see (14)) and the above equations, and we can derive two simple conditions:
Arab News People can send reports on flooded locations and critical points in the streets.
* linearization of a system around the critical points;
Figure (1) (with the parameters listed in table (1)) illustrates the critical points: For [A.sub.2] = 1, [A.sub.3] = [A.sub.4] = 0, the nucleus is in the symmetric phase since the PES has a unique minimum at [beta] = 0 when [A.sub.3] and [A.sub.4] not vanish and [A.sub.2] decreases, a second nonsymmetric minimum arises (set b) at [beta] [not equal to] 0.
This is the goal of the present work: studying the global phase portrait of system (1) paying special attention to the existence, location and uniqueness of limit cycles surrounding 1, 7 or 13 critical points. As far as we know this is the first work in which the existence of limit cycles is studied for this kind of systems.
Besides Turkish police unit Turkish Armed Forces in the early hours of Saturday deployed some military contingent to the critical points of the Diyarbakyr where the seen violent events were claimed many lives and caused heavy property damages last months.
Since there are many different vehicle brands and it is impossible to park them precisely, the local critical points are determined when the magnetic field is not distorted.
In this paper, we consider the ([alpha], c)-family and we calculate the fixed and critical points of this family applied on quadratic polynomials.
To identify the critical points and develop measures to prevent and/or correct the hazard.
Now, USDA is proposing to require its poultry inspectors to focus their attention on areas within processing plants that represent the most critical points to ensuring food safety.
These types of fluctuations can create tipping points called magnetic "quantum critical points," a state that exists when a material is at the cusp of transitioning from one quantum phase to another.