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a monetary standard under which the basic unit of currency is defined by a stated quantity of gold

a paragon of excellence

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Furthermore, in the 6 studies included in this literature review, the severity of stroke in the sample was not reported, screening did not occur in the same clinical setting or same period post stroke, cutoff scores for the PHQ-9 were not consistent across studies, and not all results were compared against the criterion standard for diagnosing mood disorders (SCID-5-CV).
Using a numerical example, we shall attempt to demonstrate that the cutoff point associated with the lowest P-Value of the Pearson's chi-squared test is the one that maximizes sensitivity and specificity, or overall accuracy, thus establishing the Criterion Standard Test.
Another interesting finding from the analyses howed that male Kinesiology students display significantly higher muscular endurance when compared to the criterion standard. It is possible that significantly higher muscular endurance and significantly lower cardiorespiratory endurance could be indicative of male Kinesiology students' preference for certain exercises or activities.
Influenza prevalence in this cohort was 13.6% (54/398) by our criterion standard. The proportion of male and female patients was equal, with a median age of 69 years (interquartile range 53-81 years).
The mean estimate for 8 of 10 images was within 10% of the criterion standard, suggesting that, on average, pathologists perform well.
The sensitivity of the SVN-based scoring algorithm was compared with the criterion standard of full medical record review.
The Food and Drug Administration has set as a minimum criterion standard for antibiotic therapy the eradication of strep from the throat in at least 85% of treated patients.
Studies were included in the final analysis based on the following criteria: (a) The biological marker specimen was obtained before criterion standard testing in an acutely symptomatic, emergency department (or approximate outpatient) population; (b) The primary positive outcomes included acute myocardial infarction, death, and/or need for revascularization; (c) The prevalence of positive outcomes was [less than or equal to] 40%; and (d) The study included a minimum 30-day follow-up.
After such a rich first disc, the second pales somewhat, despite being executed to the usual high Criterion standard. There are production diaries and art plus conceptual sketches, both offered with appropriate audio commentary.
Such information may, for example, be derived from laboratory testing of stored specimens or comparisons of a measurement against a criterion standard to validate the measurement in the database.
CT detected hemorrhagic stroke in 50%, and late hemorrhagic transformation in 20%, of those patients found to have hemorrhagic stroke on MRI, which was considered the criterion standard of chronic stroke diagnosis.
We calculated contingency coefficients (Kendall and Stuart 1979) and estimates of sensitivity and specificity in order to measure the validity of the probability of being classified as homebound using the operational definition, when the "criterion standard" is consistent with being "homebound." Specificity is the probability of being classified non-homebound when the "criterion standard" is consistent with being "non-homebound." This construct validity method, at a fundamental level, is an assessment of whether those persons classified as homebound and non-homebound truly acted the way one would expect homebound and non-homebound people to act.
None of the objective measures that are currently available can be considered a criterion standard. Structural measures of flow, pressure, and volume are required, but are insufficient for evaluating NAO.
Sensitivity and specificity of mean binocular optic nerve sheath diameter (using 5.00 mm as the cutoff point) and optic fundi findings (consistent with raised papilloma) for detection or exclusion of elevated intracranial pressure were calculated using the radiologist's reading of the CT as the criterion standard for presence of absence of elevated intracranial pressure.
The precision electrogoniometer has a manufacturer-reported accuracy of 0.017[degrees] and is considered the criterion standard for validity testing of lumbar region angle measures.