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The echinoderm section in the Reference Collection of Coastal Benthos in the Colegio de la Frontera Sur (ECOSUR) contains 924 specimens belonging to five classes: Crinoidea (5), Asteroidea (18), Ophiuroidea (664), Echinoidea (184) and Holothuroidea (53), distributed in 15 orders, 22 families, 30 genera and 56 species.
Class CRINOIDEA Miller, 1821 Subclass CLADIDA Moore and Laudon, 1943 Order DENDROCRININA Bather, 1899 Superfamily MASTIGOCRINACEA Jaekel, 1918 Family MASTIGOCRINIDAE Jaekel, 1918 Genus GONIOCRINUS Miller and Gurley, 1890 GONIOCRINUS SAETTII new species
Pachydictya cyclostomoides Eichwald, 1855 ++ ++ Echinodermata Bothriocidaris pahleni Schmidt, 1874 + + Crinoidea (undifferentiated) +++ ++++ Cystoblastus sp.
Although visceral mass separation in Crinoidea was described over 100 years ago (Dendy, 1886), its causes and functions remain unknown.
Genera included in this group are members of Crinoidea, Strophomenata and Rhynchonellata.
A Natural History of the Crinoidea of Lily Shaped Animals, with Observations on the Genera Asteria, Euryale, Comatula, and Marsupites.