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Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology, Part T pars, Echinodermata 4, Crinoidea.
Discussion--Suprageneric classification of the Crinoidea follow Moore and Teichert (1978) with the modifications of Ausich (1998a,b).
Class CRINOIDEA Miller, 1821 Subclass CLADIDA Moore and Laudon, 1943 Order DENDROCRININA Bather, 1899 Superfamily MASTIGOCRINACEA Jaekel, 1918 Family MASTIGOCRINIDAE Jaekel, 1918 Genus GONIOCRINUS Miller and Gurley, 1890 GONIOCRINUS SAETTII new species
The Echinodermata are represented by a number of groups: Crinoidea, represented by articulated calyxes and disarticulated columnals and brachials; Blastoidea, represented by columnals and calyxes, especially those of Pentremites conoideus; Echinoidea, represented by disarticulated interambulacral plates as well as several largely intact specimens; and Asteroidea, represented by one nearly complete specimen, as well as disarticulated dorsal plates from the same species.
A Natural History of the Crinoidea of Lily Shaped Animals, with Observations on the Genera Asteria, Euryale, Comatula, and Marsupites.