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The bioclastic limestones consist mainly of transported crinoidal fragments, but brachiopods, corals, fusulinids, and even plant remains occur as well.
The stone is a light grey crinoidal packstone that contains abundant coral macrofossils (Fig.
The Lower Visby marlstones, Upper Visby argillaceous limestones with marlstone intercalations, and the Hogklint crinoidal (pelmatozoan) grainstones with reef-bodies are exposed in the Ireviken 3 section (Fig.
Tennessee "marble," a pink bryozoan/ crinoidal limestone from the Holston Formation of eastern Tennessee is also evident in Erie Street Cemetery and Ridgeville Cemetery.
Carbonates of the studied wells are mainly of coarse-grained bioclastic, crinoidal, brachiopod and stromatoporoid limestones intercalated with marls (Fig.
Its base falls within nodular limestone facies, overlain by a prominent unit of bedded crinoidal grainstone (facies I, Fig.