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totally submissive

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The show contains no serious journalism and is just plain cringingly bad.
WBack in Dr Timoney's office for another cringingly awkward session, the Doc (Martin Clunes) and Louisa reflect on their failed date night, with Louisa asking: "Is all this struggling normal?" "Perhaps you should make a list of the benefits of being single?" comes the hugely optimistic reply.
However, I would rather be shot at the stake than sing the so-called National Anthem, which I consider to be a cringingly embarrassing, sycophantic dirge and an insult to the country, its people and democracy.
Barrie is on the cusp of adulthood, and it shows, as her decisions range from being surprisingly mature to cringingly foolish.
It's cringingly sincere, sentimental, smug and worthy.
The reason I remember that, while barely recalling any of the episode's details, is that, for a while, some kids in my class would go around calling the darker-skinned Sephardim among us "Kunta Kinte" (our teacher, cringingly, seemed to condone this).
I cringingly recall the hilarity of trying to teach my mum to programme our video recorder.
It was, of course, a speech that started this crisis - his poorlyreceived one at the Labour conference in Manchester when he forgot to mention the deficit and spoke somewhat cringingly of his encounters with an IT man from Kentish Town called Gareth.
And the government has taken this abuse, too, lying down, mumbling out a whole litany of apologetic pleas and explanations cringingly to convince, futilely, the militants of its sincerity in peace talks.
With his moustache and hair perfectly placed, the sweet but cringingly egotistical anchor delivers enough Burgundyisms to keep fans happy.
While talking about the most difficult scene from the movie, Jennifer cringingly said, "I had to eat a raw fish!
Elysium For half of the 94-minute running time the set-up is cringingly unoriginal, the dialogue weak and the acting unconvincing, while the score often sounds like a two-fingered job on a keyboard.
However, it is one thing having American politicians telling Iran "where to get off" but an entirely different matter when the Prime Minister of another country, uses these "hopefuls" as a mouthpiece to deliver their message, as has become cringingly obvious in the case of Mitt Romney.
"Whatever couples want to call each other is fine, just not if the endearments are cringingly embarrassing in public.
Ultimately, Kriegel is "torn" between these two views, but he "leans slightly, hesitantly, cringingly" toward HOTT because although it cannot cover some cases, it is more naturalistically respectable than adverbialism.