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the scientific study of crime and criminal behavior and law enforcement

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Although punishment after the fact doesn't work very well, criminologists have thoroughly documented that more vigilance to stop crime before it happens is the most effective deterrent.
The CJIS Division studied the appropriateness and usefulness of the Crime Index and Modified Crime Index for several years and brought the matter before many advisory groups including the UCR Subcommittee of the CJIS APB, the ASUCRP, and a meeting of leading criminologists and sociologists hosted by the BJS.
And, say some criminologists, today's teenagers are just smarter about the costs and benefits of crime.
As such, the bail industry is enjoying renewed support from rightwing criminologists.
It is the aim of this paper to address the question of the death penalty's ability to deter homicides using this second approach: by gauging the judgments of a set of America's top criminologists.
The problem of human evil should not be left just to the theologians and the criminologists to debate.
With an arsenal of high-tech equipment and a team of chemists, biologists, criminologists and forensic experts, the lab makes the crucial links between victim, criminal and crime scene.
In recent years, criminologists have shown an increased interest in theorizing environmental problems.
This legal textbook for UK criminologists concentrates on increased awareness of the law from the viewpoint of both citizens and criminals, and explores how technological innovations have changed the scope of the law since the latter half of the 20th century.
CRIMINOLOGISTS from all over the country are to descend on Huddersfield for a major conference.
Professor Stephen Shute, from Birmingham University, has urged the Parole Board to place extra lawyers, psychiatrists, probation officers and criminologists on their panels.
This caveat aside, historians and criminologists will find Brown's volume of much interest.
Criminologists believe the figures back up the theory that booze is the primary factor in violent crime.
The diversity of authors, from economists and sociologists to lawyers and criminologists, provide readers with the breadth and depth of these important social issues.
A way of predicting where burglars are likely to strike was today unveiled by criminologists.