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the ratio of crimes in an area to the population of that area

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As one can see, there are differences between the punishments in China and Romania, however we should analyze which juridical system is better in terms of protecting the state's citizens, by having low criminality rate, as well as from the human rights' side.
A a strong link between the criminality rate and the economic and social elements was also identified.
It is important to stress that the criminality rate often reported for the Stockholm area (which is often considerably higher than 10 per cent), comes from the so-called Metropolitan Project.
Frank Carbon, chief executive officer of the Metro Bacolod Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MBCCI), said high inflation might trigger high criminality rate as some people, especially those at the marginalized sectors might find it hard to look for ways to get their needs.
Alvarez said the Duterte administration succeeded in bringing down the criminality rate in his first 100 days by targeting suspected drug personalities.
Duterte was asked how he would end criminality and illegal drugs in the country within the first six months if he would be elected president in the upcoming May elections, citing the high criminality rate in Davao City in 2010.
He added that his office had been receiving numerous complaints from residents, workers and other stakeholders about the rising criminality rate.
Note that when system (1) has a small influx of reoffenders ([C.sub.2]), it does not generate high criminality rates and, for [R.sup.*.sub.1] < 1, it is still possible to minimize the spreading of crime (best-case scenario).
According to Dr Hook, Maori nature was not the reason for high criminality rates.
'When you hit drugs, when you neutralize the drug problems, it follows that criminality rates will go down.
He stressed that community partnership has been crucial in reducing criminality rates.