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"The members of the network acted as a criminal organization for all intents and purposes in an orderly and methodical manner over a long period, in which they managed to trade in dangerous drugs of various kinds, including cocaine, MDMA and ecstasy, in addition to huge quantities of hashish and marijuana."
"This judicial investigation showed that an Armenian-Belgian criminal organization actively would have bribed professional tennis players from 2014 to the present day in order to obtain a pre-arranged match result with the aim of betting on these fixed matches based on insider information, thereby fraudulently boosting winnings," said the prosecutors.
In the main, the federal prosecutor requests that the 12 Tamils be found guilty of participating or supporting a criminal organization.
"There is no evidence that criminal organizations have targeted U.S.
Oran, who previously filed a criminal complaint against a number of executives and journalists from pro-government media outlets on Wednesday, accusing them of establishing a criminal organization, libel and fabricating evidence of non-existing crimes, submitted a complaint about the same journalists to the Press Council on Thursday.
Sixteen current and former Puerto Rico police officers have been indicted for their alleged participation in a criminal organization, run out of the police department, which used their affiliation with law enforcement to make money through robbery, extortion, manipulating court records and selling illegal narcotics, reports Caribbean News Now (May 23, 2014).
Police believe a sophisticated criminal organization was behind a huge marijuana farm in the hills above Westfir that local and federal police raided over the weekend.
Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), concluded a three year multilateral investigation of a drug trafficking cell of the 'Ndrangheta transnational criminal organization. Two of Italy's most-wanted fugitives were apprehended as well as 61 other defendants in New York and Italy, with additional arrests in Holland, Spain, and elsewhere in the United States.
Northern Command has been working in partnership with Mexico and the Bahamas to tackle the transnational criminal organization problem, said Mahon.
The 24-year-old defendant faces eight counts of conspiracy and consent to commit a crime and participation in a criminal organization. A Cyprus court ordered two hearings into the case on Oct.
Officials looking to forge protection rackets require the capacity to make a credible commitment to enforce the law: without a credible threat of enforcement, it makes little sense for criminal organization to pay for non-enforcement.
Alex is horrified when he learns that his father, who he never knew, might have worked as an assassin for a dangerous international criminal organization known as Scorpia.
"If a person is charged with a criminal organization offence (and can pay for a lawyer) they will not qualify for legal aid," Manitoba Justice Minister Gord Mackintosh said Wednesday.
Among the few exceptions, a criminal organization is often thought of as a monopolistic firm, and the theory of monopoly is predominantly used to analyze organized crimes.
Another example of the FBI's ability to investigate and destroy entire criminal enterprises was its success against the Mafia in the 1980s, when a patient 10-year-long investigation involving undercover agents, a web of informants and tens of thousands of hours of wiretaps resulted in the virtual destruction of a criminal organization that for most of a century had been so impervious to law enforcement that it could, and often did, get away with murder.