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It is entirely a matter for the court what weight to give that evidence, but the fundamental point-and where the confusion seems to have arisen - is that the type of evidence deals solely with the issue of whether a criminal organisation exists.
At the hearing in Bruges, Belgium, the judge said the men were part of a large criminal organisation involving around 150 British and Irish Travellers.
Proving the participation or support of a criminal organisation can give proof of the illegality of the means of obtaining the assets.
The Olympiakos president is accused of being involved in and directing a criminal organisation, aiding and abetting blackmailing, aiding and abetting extortion, and aiding and abetting bribery and fraud.
E" movie will focus on an unnamed criminal organisation that deals with nuclear weapons.
Greek prosecutors investigating Golden Dawn have already found early evidence that could help them establish that it is a criminal organisation, a senior court official told reporters on Wednesday.
In March 2013, the High Court of Australia dismissed a challenge and upheld the validity to Queensland s Criminal Organisation Act 2009.
Frank Dillon, defending, said: "He became involved in what was plainly a criminal organisation.
SIR - In consideration that the Hillsborough inquiry has exposed the Yorkshire police as a corrupt criminal organisation, would it not be appropriate to inquire into their paramilitary conduct and handling of the miners' strike?
Australia: Australia s most populous state is set to declare the Hells Angels a criminal organisation after a string of drive-by shootings believed to be linked to gang violence, a report said Tuesday.
Amongst the powers and measures introduced in recent times include new offences relating to participation in or assisting criminal gangs, and a new offence of directing a criminal organisation carrying a penalty of up to life imprisonment.
MEXICO CITY (TAP) - The Mexican authorities say they have stopped a plot by a criminal organisation to smuggle one of the sons of Libya's ex-leader Col Muammar Gadhafi into the country.
A Council of Europe report last December alleged that Thaci once headed a criminal organisation that profited from the organ trade.
James Bond sets out on a personal mission of vengeance as he pursues the secretive criminal organisation Quantum.
John Kinghorn, assistant director of United Kingdom Border Force (UKBF) for the North-east said: "Our officers have interrupted the supply chain of a major criminal organisation.