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pecuniary reimbursement to the winning party for the expenses of litigation

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The bench comprising Justice Mansoor Ali Shah and Justice Mamoon Rasheed Sheikh passed the orders while disposing of 350 writ petitions filled by M/s Taj International and different other industrial concerns against the Sales Tax Department pertaining to registration of cases on the basis of fake invoices and criminal proceedings.
Defaulters were also warned that criminal proceedings will be initiated against defaulters leading to arrest and prosecution who fail to clear their dues by April 19," the statement concluded.
Yesterday, following an inspection at the Limassol police headquarters, and after Papageorgiou asked the brass to raise any issues or make suggestions concerning the force's operation, Symeou started talking about the criminal proceedings against him.
he article's section two says: No criminal proceedings whatsoever shall be instituted or continued against the president or a governor in any court during his term of office," Gilani pointed out.
If the High Court finds that releasing the report could prejudice any criminal proceedings, it can halt the publication of part or all of the findings until court cases are completed.
Black Country Coroner Robin Balmain yesterday adjourned an inquest on Mr Watson to await criminal proceedings.
In all, pounds 162,000 has been paid through civil proceedings rather than criminal proceedings.
Hammers pair Joe Cole and Rufus Brevett are at the centre of the controversy and there could yet be criminal proceedings.
In buying a D&O policy, you should select one that covers criminal proceedings to ensure that there will be money available to adequately defend the officers and directors against criminal charges.
South Yorkshire Police and the Police Complaints Authority launched an inquiry but the Crown Prosecution Service decided not to bring criminal proceedings against police officers.
He was told he could face criminal proceedings when police were called to a disturbance between him and his partner Andrew Grant at the home they shared in Glasgow's upmarket Speirs Wharf.
Under this act, however, the continued confinement cannot be considered "punishment" because punishment, in constitutional terms, arises from criminal proceedings, not civil ones.
Pokaski in 1989 -- established a First Amendment right of access to records submitted in connection with criminal proceedings.
com/reports/c42865) has announced the addition of "The European Right to Confrontation in Criminal Proceedings - Absent, Anonymous and Vulnerable Witnesses" to their offering.
The EU law guarantees citizens who are arrested or accused of a crime the right to obtain interpretation throughout criminal proceedings, including when receiving legal advice, in their own language and in all courts in the EU.