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They both play crucial roles in determining the sizes of the criminal organizations as well as in influencing the interactive relationship between the market structure for crime and the government's optimal law enforcement.
By working collaboratively with Mexico, Central America, the Dominican Republic, and Haiti we confront this regional threat with a regional solution, and undermine the ability of criminal organizations to adapt their behaviors and evade justice.
But what we have seen a there is a lot of information about this on the Internet, open source information a that these criminal organizations are now using West Africa as a stop-over point of the cocaine, and as the cocaine is making its way from South America through Africa, and then into Europe.
By selling non-tax paid cigarettes at, or just below "tax paid prices" criminal organizations are able to net a substantial profit.
Focus is placed on tackling illicit trafficking of drugs and guns; advancing public safety and security through programs to reduce crime and improve border security; promoting social justice through justice sector reform, combating government corruption, and assistance to vulnerable populations at risk of recruitment into criminal organizations.
significant transnational criminal organizations, such as those listed in the
Max Manwaring on three cases of transnational criminal organizations, and Dr.
In this regard, Hassar called for reinforcing international cooperation to combat transnational criminal organizations involved in cocaine trafficking mainly regarding the exchange of information, the fight against money laundering and the adoption of common legal measures against drug traffickers.
In July 1998, the Swiss Government opened an investigation on the suspicious Kosovars for "illegal weapon smuggling, involvement in criminal organizations and violence".
The former street gang has now joined the ranks of high level criminal organizations like Mexico's Zetas and Sinaloa drug cartels and Japan's Yakuza crime syndicate.
John Stanton, executive director of Customs and Border Protection's joint operation division, said, "Transnational criminal organizations are always probing for a soft spot.
The sides plan to exchange data on the activities within illicit drug trafficking and provide mutual assistance in taking the necessary measures to detect and prevent criminal organizations, groups and individuals involved in drug trafficking.
A bizarre set of circumstances involving the theft of a large amount of gold from a mine in Sinaloa state exposed the problems facing multinational companies operating in territory controlled by criminal organizations.
As Bunker and Sullivan point out, "extending their reach and influence by co-opting individuals and organizations through bribery, coercion and intimidation to facilitate, enhance, and protect their activities, transnational criminal organizations are emerging as a serious impediment to democratic governance and a free market economy.
The ystanbul Police Department claimed in a statement it issued on Monday that there are criminal organizations among some fan groups associated with "football terrorism.