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Malicious actors using the Zeus crimeware kit have been responsible for several recent high-profile cybersecurity breaches of Fortune 500 firms.
Other known crimeware tools include the Fragus Exploit Kit and the Spyeye.
Cybercriminals use sophisticated crimeware tools to steal money online and avoid detection
These organizations deploy sophisticated pricing models, Crimeware business models refined for optimal operation, Crimeware drop zones, and campaigns for optimal distribution of the Crimeware.
Increasingly, crimeware has a single goal - to turn data into money.
According to the company, Norton Confidential provides consumers with a dual level of protection against fraudulent phishing web sites and eavesdropping crimeware.
Crimeware can--and probably does--arrive several times a day into your e-mail's inbox, and an unpatched computer can pick up a "drive-by" infection simply by visiting an infected site.
Criminal Cybergangs Embracing Crimeware Infection Approaches Over Social Engineering
But this is interesting as it moves towards a 'commoditized' not-for-profit info-stealer with connections to the existing crimeware ecosystem".
The DBIR identifies the nine threat patterns as: miscellaneous errors such as sending an email to the wrong person; crimeware (various malware aimed at gaining control of systems); insider/privilege misuse; physical theft/loss; Web app attacks; denial of service attacks; cyber espionage; point-of-sale intrusions; and payment card skimmers.
The number of sites infecting PCs with password-stealing crimeware reached an all-time high of 31,173 in December, an 827% increase from January 2008, according to the international coalition created to combat electronic crime.
Kaspersky Lab, a provider of Internet security software solutions, has announced that Royal Holloway, a multi-faculty college in the University of London, UK, is using Kaspersky Open Space Security to deliver protection from crimeware, for its 1,200 full-time staff and 8,000 undergraduate and post-graduate students.
IronKey, a manufacturer of tamper-resistant USB flash drives, announced on Monday (24 November) a comprehensive initiative to protect portable and mobile media from viruses, worms, trojans, botnets, crimeware and other malware threats.
Criminals have started to use online cybercrime services instead of having to deal themselves with the technical challenges of running their own Crimeware server, installing Crimeware toolkits or compromising legitimate websites.
provides more information on the Crimeware toolkit used on the compromised Web site of the Forth Road Bridge, a popular tourist and travel attraction in Scotland that has been hacked and was serving up malware using code obfuscation techniques.