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the ratio of crimes in an area to the population of that area

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One issue left unhandled is the impact of narcotics trafficking on crime rates, especially violent crime rates, across Mexico.
This study intends to ascertain the impact of socio-economic, demographic and deterrent variables and the effect of technical criminal know-how and past criminal experience on property crime rate. The property crime equation comprises of the following independent variables: population density, unemployment rate, literacy rate, police strength and number of police proclaimed offenders in a society.
Birmingham City University had the fourth highest crime rate outside the capital with 2.47 of every 1,000 students reporting offences in from May 2012 to April.
There is a series of data and analysis that seriously questions the effectiveness of longer prison terms, in terms of reducing crime rates or recidivism.
Today we take a closer look at the key crime rates covering the six North Wales counties for the 12 months up to March 2012, and compare the quarterly crime rate for March 2009, with that of March 2012 to assess rises and falls in incidents across the region.
CUTLINE: Violent crime rates for 10 largest NE cities
Cantor and Land (1985) find a positive relationship between unemployment and crime rates when effects on increased criminal motivation are stronger than the effects on decreased criminal opportunity.
The statistical significance of changes in crime rates by regions
Canterbury, Bath and Lancaster are the cities with the lowest cumulative crime rates in England and Wales, while Bristol, Manchester and Nottingham are deemed hot spots.
Eugene and Springfield still have the highest property crime rates in Oregon, but they recorded some of the steepest declines in those rates.
Dr Peter Carter, general secretary of the Royal College of Nursing, said giving heroin on the NHS would drive down crime rates and help wean addicts off the drug.
While fears of perceived racial insensitivity may force many critics to choose their words carefully, widespread belief that Hispanics have high or perhaps very high crime rates seems to exist.
Ito 'yung mga reason kung bakit tumataas 'yung petty crime rates natin,' he explained.
"Despite crime rates in the country being so high, little girls still preyed upon by these criminals, our authorities are slacking.
The Punjab police data shows that an increase in incarceration reduces crime rates in all districts except big city districts.
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