Cricetus cricetus

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a variety of hamster common to Europe and Asia

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2009: Low genetic diversity and significant structuring of the common hamster populations Cricetus cricetus in Poland revealed by the mtDNA control region sequence variation.
2012: Genetic variation and effective population size in an isolated population of the common hamster, Cricetus cricetus. Folia Zool.
2017: Phylogeographic structure of the common hamster (Cricetus cricetus L.): Late Pleistocene connections between Caucasus and Western European populations.
DNA for the hamster species Cricetulus sokolovi (Sokolov's hamster), Cricetulus barabensis (striped dwarf hamster), Cricetulus longicaudatus (long-tailed dwarf hamster), Cricetulus pseudogriseus (Transbaikal hamster), Cricetulus migratorius (gray dwarf hamster), Cricetus cricetus (black-bellied hamster) and Allocricetulus eversmanni (Eversmann's hamster) were generously supplied by Dr.
In contrast, the species Cricetulus migratorius, Cricetus cricetus, and Allocricetulus eversmanni were all found to lack the B2 element within loci X96664 and X96549 (Table 2).
The role of the field hamster (Cricetus cricetus) as of a source of infection of the swamp-field fever.
The common hamster Cricetus cricetus (Linnaeus, 1758) is a widespread Palaearctic rodent of prominent external appearance.
2010: Population structure, colonization processes and barriers for dispersal in Polish common hamsters (Cricetus cricetus).
1998: The common hamster (Cricetus cricetus L.) in the eastern part of the area.
Lastly, Belgium has been sent a final written warning over inadequate measures to protect the European hamster (Cricetus cricetus) under the EU Habitats Directive (92/43).
The common hamster (Cricetus cricetus L.) is a steppe species with extensive range from the River Yenisei in Asia to Western Europe, where it forms some isolated populations in Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Western Germany (Mitchell-Jones et al.
2013: The distribution of the common hamster (Cricetus cricetus) in Western Ukraine.
2008: Cricetus cricetus. IUCN 2011, Red List of Threatened Species, Version 2011.2.
Germany.The Commission has decided to send a reasoned opinion to Germany for failure to properly ensure the protection of the habitats of an endangered hamster, the Cricetus cricetus. The habitats are situated at Horbacher Borde, near the town of Aachen close to the Dutch border, and the area is one of the three most important sites for the species in the North-West of Germany.
2005) and also for the dramatic decrease of the common hamster (Cricetus cricetus) often changes in agricultural practice are considered as cause (e.g.