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short-tailed Old World burrowing rodent with large cheek pouches

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In this study, we examined molecular and biochemical changes associated with cross-species transmission in 6 hamster species of the rodent subfamily Cricetinae.
A recent analysis of DNA sequences of hamsters, in the rodent subfamily Cricetinae (family Cricetidae, superfamily Muroidea), generated a significant phylogenetic restructuring among the genera Tscherkia, Cricetus, Allocricetulus and Cricetulus.
Contribucion al conocimiento de los Cricetinae del Uruguay (Especies halladas en los regurgitos de buho).
In juvenile badgers, pocket gophers were the most common mammal, found in 3 of 5 samples; Cricetinae were the only other mammal found in 1 of the 5 juvenile badgers.
A survey of gross stomach morphology in New World Cricetinae (Rodentia, Muroidea), with comments on functional interpretations.
Murinae, Cricetinae, Microtinae palearctiques et nord-americains.