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There are only a handful of cases in existing studies that have investigated clinical cri du chat syndrome cases, due to its characteristic as a rare disorder.
[1] P Cerruti Mainardi, "Cri du Chat syndrome," Orphanet Journal of Rare Diseases, vol.
Therefore, the purpose of this investigation was to further validate The ME book when used by parents with limited outside professional involvement to teach two functional living skills (eating and ball rolling) to a 2.5-year-old child with Cri du Chat syndrome.
"We didn't know anything about Cri du Chat syndrome and struggled to take everything in.
The father of two daughters with cri du chat syndrome, a chromosomal defect that results in profound developmental problems, Dr.
Another thing keeping Jo out of the house is the charity work she does as an ambassador for Mencap, inspired by her own sister Frances, who has Cri Du Chat syndrome (a rare genetic disorder that can result in severe learning difficulties).
But Matthew was diagnosed with the rare Cri du Chat syndrome - a genetic chromosome disorder affecting his physical and mental development.
"I always wanted hundreds of children," she says, "but being in bed at the same time is our biggest problem." If Jo does get pregnant, she will undergo testing to see if her unborn child has cri du chat syndrome. Her sister Frances, 38, has the genetic condition and Jo is a carrier.
Jo, 32, has watched her 30-year-old sister Frances fight the devastating curse of Cri Du Chat Syndrome.