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a deep fissure

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As our crampons crunched along the ice, the crevasses, water cauldrons and ridges we saw were truly amazing.
I faced many challenges during this climb particularly; crevasses, ice falls, snow storms and this was the reality of how Everest is going to be like.
The tracked vehicles were usually able to move, but couldn't cross crevasses and there was a lot of trouble with water condensing and freezing in the fuel lines.
Everest is 8,848 metres high and home to some of the most difficult and lethal terrain on the planet - huge crevasses, incredible variations in temperature and constant avalanches.
This causes the ear cleaner to drip into the crevasses in your dog's ear.
After a year of intense preparation, Dimri began his second attempt to climb to the summit on April 12, 2018, navigating treacherous crevasses and falling ice slabs along the way.
Famous mountaineer Mohammad Ali Sadpara of Pakistan with his climbing partner, Alex Txikon from Spain, and five Nepalese Sherpas, currently attempting to climb Everest without bottled oxygen, returned to the base camp after fixing ropes and ladders on crevasses and establishing Camp 4.
Shot mainly in black and white, close-ups of worn bedrock and the wrinkles of crevasses almost carry facial expressions.
'The way up Island Peak was paved with crevasses, which are deep open cracks in the thick ice,' she explains.
Essentially structured like a reverse "Law & Order" episode--in which we are first walked step-by-step through the legal travails of an innocent man, and then see exactly how the crime was committed and investigated --the film sketches an effective, if ultimately somewhat schematic, picture of the legal system's countless crevasses and sinkholes into which a blameless person can easily be shoved.
Le Grimp est charge, a-t-on explique, des missions les plus delicates, telles que le sauvetage en milieu naturel (montagne, grottes, falaises ou crevasses), l'intervention dans des sites habites (immeubles de grande hauteur, ponts, zones industrielles) ou les methodes d'interventions conventionnelles peuvent s'averer inefficaces et implique, donc, la presence de ces sauveteurs professionnels, formes pour faire face a des situations extremes, a-t-il ajoute.
Dr Gordon Hamilton, 50, was part of a team camped in a heavily crevassed area known as the Shear Zone, 25 miles south of McMurdo Station, the largest of three US research centres in Antarctica.
So it could see you could shooting up in size PS3.99 or splitting into dozens of mini-monsters to help you squeeze through the tightest of crevasses.