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Which Russian ballerina had a meringue Steven Spielberg - see Question 7 Cretan labyrinth, was half man and half what?
Of the labyrinths noted by Pliny and others the prime examples are the Egyptian and the Cretan Labyrinth. Of the former, little is reputed to remain today, although in 1888, sufficient remained for Sir Flinders Petrie to determine at least its orientation and its considerable size--some 304 metres by 244 metres (a little over 74 000 square metres).
A Critical Study and Translation of Antonio Jose Da Silva's Cretan Labyrinth. Lewiston, N.Y.: The Edwin Mellen Press, 2004.
The complex imagery leads in several directions--toward the Cretan labyrinth with Casaubon as Minotaur and Dorothea as Ariadne, or to the life of a saint, suggesting that Dorothea's spiritual mentor has led her down to a Gothic dungeon (Carroll 246).
Virgil's comparison of this carousel to the Cretan labyrinth should not be regarded as ornamental; it is rather fundamental to an understanding of the performance.
The combination of apparent simplicity and geometrical elegance with a reality that is fiendishly complex has made the labyrinth a favourite theme of Western cultures since the mythical Cretan labyrinth at Knossos, home of the Minotaur.
This original opening to the mythic episode of Theseus in the Cretan labyrinth is typical of da Silva's talent to amuse, and of his age.