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the sharp sound of snapping noises

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On arrival at the receiving hospital, 2 hours after initiating medical resuscitation, he was assessed as being severely ill, with an HR of 97 bpm, blood pressure of 153/70 mmHg, pinpoint pupils, some oral secretions, severe bilateral crepitations and an oxygen saturation level of 62%, despite an ongoing atropine infusion.
TMDs are characterized by decreased mandibular range of movements, inadequate mouth opening and TMJ sounds such as click, pop, crepitations. A group of disorders affect the TMJ that cause variety of signs/symptoms and are collectively known as TMDs.
His pulse rate was 110/minute; blood pressure was 160/100 mmHg; jugular venous pressure was elevated; respiratory rate was 24/minute, and there were bilateral fine crepitations in both lung fields; oxygen saturation was 90% while breathing room air.
Examination showed bilateral crepitations. ABG (arterial blood gas) revealed raised lactate (2.3 mmol/L), respiratory alkalosis and hypoxia.
The respiratory system showed crepitations in both the lower lung fields.
Physical examination showed respiratory distress in 42.9% (6/14) of cases, chest retraction 21.4% (3/14), auscultatory crepitations 35.7% (5/14) and meningeal signs 14.3% (2/14).
The clinical examination included assessment of jaw movements using a ruler (maximal opening between the incisal frontal teeth, laterotrusion, and protrusion in millimeters), registration of joint sounds (clicking or crepitations), and palpation for tenderness over the joints and masticatory muscles.
Examination may be needed with Hamman's crunch or crepitations along the suprasternal notch.
Diffuse wheeze and crepitations were noted bilaterally on both inspiration and expiration.
She had a third heart sound and bilateral fine basal lung crepitations. Her abdominal examination was unremarkable with no tenderness or organomegaly.
Chest auscultation revealed no crepitations and the breath sounds were vesicular.
Chest examination revealed bi basilar end inspiratory crepitations. Her anti hypertensive medications included Amlodipine 5mg daily.
Synovial chondromatosis is usually associated with severe pain, palpable nodules, swelling, crepitations, stiffness and locking.
His chest examination revealed bilateral diffuse crepitations. Cardiovascular examination demonstrated an early diastolic murmur along the left sternal border.
He was dyspnoeic (Kussmaul respiration) and tachypnoeic, respiratory rate of 50 Cycles/minute, breath sound was vesicular and no crepitations. His pulse rate was 150 beats/minute; (tachycardia), low volume, blood pressure was 70/40 mmHg, first and second heart sounds were heard with no murmurs.