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a person of European descent born in the West Indies or Latin America

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a person descended from French ancestors in southern United States (especially Louisiana)

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a mother tongue that originates from contact between two languages

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According to the distribution of genotypes in four quartiles, considering mean grain yield under well-watered and water deficit conditions, 10-CA780308 (Amarelao Ligeiro), 12 CA780329 (Comum Creolo), 13-CA780336 (Pratao Goiano), 45-CA870092 (Branquinho), 47-CA870139 (Noventinha), 50-CA870177 (Arroz Roxo ou Caqui), 59-CNA0000937 (Catalao), 60-CNA0001420 (Carreon), and 63-CNA0004623 (Pico Negro) were selected for producing 10% above mean grain yield, 2430 kg [ha.sup.-1] and 2232 kg [ha.sup.-1] in the well-watered treatment and 1617 kg [ha.sup.-1] and 308 kg [ha.sup.-1] under water deficit, respectively in the first and second years (Figure 2), standing in the first quartile.
The genotypes CA780308 (Amarelao Ligeiro), CA780329 (Comum Creolo), CA780336 (Pratao Goiano), CA870092 (Branquinho), CA870139 (Noventinha), CA870177 (Arroz Roxo or Caqui), CNA0000937 (Catalao), CNA0001420 (Carreon), and CNA0004623 (Pico Preto) were classified as more productive under water deficit and well-watered conditions.
In realta, non e provata l'esistenza di una "lingua" a tutti gli effetti creata dagli emigrati, come se dall'incontro dei dialetti (e dell'italiano, quale esso fosse) con l'anglo-americano si fosse originata una sorta di creolo o, addirittura, un autonomo sistema linguistico.
Aside from Ramonti, he is responsible for the Listed winner and Group 2-placed Rumsfeld, and a smart performer in Martino Creolo, a four-time winner this season, also placed at Listed level.