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De-politicization of the Imaginary of Death, the Chance of a Free Cremationist Imaginary
For a view on current events regarding the crematorium in Cluj-Napoca and the main reactions in the press, consult the blog of the Romanian Cremationist Society Amurg http://www.
In the magazine of the Romanian Orthodox Church in 1923, the former name of the Cenusa cremationist society, namely Nirvana, can be found, a food reason to argument that cremation is a foreign, borrowed practice which damages the Christian Romanian spirit, which hides under the theoretical necessity for progress.
41) For an updated journal on the way in which these protests were organised and have taken place see the page of the Amurg Cremationist Society.
On the other hand, Romanian interwar Romanian cremationists expressed their admiration towards cremation in the Soviet space, without looking for complicated explanations for such a reality.
Despite all of this, Romanian cremationists have always fought in order to demonstrate that they are not anti-religious, they are anti-clerical (26).
In essence, cremationists had forged a tool out of the experience of empire, thus justifying its acceptability at home and later even beyond.
Hence, cremationists and Indian sanitary authority disagreed on one issue: the waterborne transmission of cholera.
The convergence of these influences--recent medical discoveries and a poise based in imperial domination--explains how British cremationists emerged.
That cremationists held this faith becomes apparent from the nineteenth-century episodes mentioned above.
Cremationists also opposed this policy but only because they based their advocacy on the sanitary problems created by, for example, burying cholera victims near drinking water.