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a member of an Algonquian people living in central Canada

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the Algonquian language spoken by the Cree

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"The officials of the grand council, that is the grand chief, the deputy grand chief, the executive director, our chief negotiator, and myself, assume the diplomatic relations with the Government of Quebec," explained Romeo Saganash, director of Governmental Relations and International Affairs for the Grand Council of the Crees. "Grand Chief Matthew Coon Come has an office within the embassy."
"We cannot say what caused the fire, and will be speaking to the owner and the owners of the other crees."
The focus is for visitors to learn traditional Cree ways, while at the same time, involve, strengthen and recover aboriginal culture within the youth of their community.
The duke had won permission in January to build crees at Hillside, but returned to the development control committee with plans for bigger versions.
For every new business the Crees set up, Billy was at least on the board of directors, said Albert.
Under the new Agreement, the Crees assume the responsibility for implementing what Quebec undertook itself to do for the Crees in the 1975 treaty.
How the Crees dealt with changes on the land is discussed in Chapter 4.
As Quebec residents, the James Bay Crees would be affected if Quebec separated from Canada.
"If you get caught in the slush," one Cree explains, "you have to get out in a hurry or you'll be in trouble." During the Harricana snowmobile race last year, one three-man team got caught in the slush, and two television reporters went to film their plight.
Diamond was elected by the chiefs to oversee management, investment and distribution of the money paid to the Crees under the agreement.
They say they suffer discrimination, can't get services available to other Quebec Crees and are losing their culture and language.
Aside from Air Creebec, some of Diamond's other duties are as vice-president of the commercial entities Cree Co.
Respecting Moose Crees traditional values, such as an eastern orientation and respect for the landscape, he prepared his architectural design drawings.