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a member of an Algonquian people living in central Canada

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the Algonquian language spoken by the Cree

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I absolutely recall the Cree Indians. They were the best hunters I ever met.
Traditional Narratives of the Rock Cree Indians was first published in 1980 by the Canadian museum of Civilzation and later released in 2007 by the Canadian Plains Research Center.
As much as the topic of the Cree Indians forms the paradoxical periphery of Grandpa Cardiff's fears, the destruction of the forests and trees forms the analogical base of contention for Joshua's justification of his defense of both.
He was showered with gifts from the Cree Indians who were in full ceremonial dress.
You're the guest of the Cree Indians in the James Bay area of northern Canada.
Michael Bond meets the Cree Indians on their own territory
Travelling 186 miles from Cochrane to Moosonee, the Polar Bear Express traverses the dramatic Hudson Bay Lowlands, the ancestral home of the Cree Indians. Their descendants today still constitute the majority of the inhabitants in this part of Ontario.
Composed of Chippewa and Cree Indians, the Little Shell were shut out of reservations in North Dakota and Montana for various reasons.
What is to be done when these minorities have had enough and demand--as the Cree Indians already have--their own nation-state?
The Cree Indians of Split Lake, Manitoba have had their own peacemakers for years.
The inundated lands, which mark the first stage in the province's enormous hydroelectric development scheme (the full plan would flood almost twice that area), are in the hunting and trapping territories of the James Bay Cree Indians and their neighbors, the Naskapi Indians and the Eastern Inuit.
"The James Bay Cree Indians are descended from an American Indian tribe that wandered from its ancestral home on southern Lake Michigan sometime prior to the Indians Appropriations Act of 1851 which created the reservations system."
Russell, "Cree Indians were seldom identified as such in the eighteenth century HBC documents since it would have been redundant: the local Indians at the Bay were Cree and did not have to be identified; the employees sent inland were with groups well known at the Bay to be in Cree territory.