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trustworthiness with money as based on a person's credit history

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In considering the request for $1 billion in additional CCC export credit sales guarantees for Iraq for fiscal 1990, Federal Reserve reservations were based on continued concerns about Iraq's creditworthiness at that time.
The ratings of the CPs guaranteed by LCL and BECM are based on our assessment of LCL and BECM's respective creditworthiness.
FSA inspectors have since examined the appropriateness of the classification by banks of their large corporate borrowers in terms of their creditworthiness.
Fitch's downgrade of its internal assessment of the region's creditworthiness takes into account the limited data robustness and weak internal governance in the autonomous region.
Fitch expects to resolve the RWN within the next four months once the government makes available a full set (or to any extent that Fitch considers adequate) of restated data for further assessment of the creditworthiness of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region as well as new projections.
Starting this month, Japan's financial watchdog will examine major banks' self-evaluated status of loans extended to large corporations whose market-based creditworthiness has deteriorated in such forms as falls in their stock prices and credit ratings.
TransUnion CIBIL Limited, a credit information company, receives information from banks and other financial institutions about the financial behaviour of their customers and aggregates information to produce a score or number which indicate customers' creditworthiness.
The agency stressed the central role of JFE Steel Corp for the group's creditworthiness.
After the inspection, the Financial Services Agency (FSA), the banks and auditing firms ''will thoroughly discuss whether the creditworthiness categories assigned to borrowers should be changed or not,'' FSA Commissioner Shoji Mori said in a lecture in Tokyo.
Strong Linkage with Hebei Province: HBIS's ratings are linked to Fitch's internal assessment of the creditworthiness of its parent Hebei SASAC, reflecting the company's strong operational and strategic ties with the Hebei government.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-June 29, 2011--Mizuho Bank shelf wins "high creditworthiness" preliminary ratings from R&I(C)2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS
Ankara: Under the City Creditworthiness Initiative, Turkey Municipal Finance and Creditworthiness Academy started today in Ankara.
These trends will generally maintain the creditworthiness of Kazakhstan's banks for 12-18 months," Moody's said.
"We expect the creditworthiness of Korean companies to remain under pressure over the next 12 months." S and P then attached a "negative tag" to 10 of Korea's 13 key companies.
Cyprus' creditworthiness is expected to be evaluated eight times in 2019, according to the next assessments scheduled by credit rating agencies.