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The credit reports will include records about consumers' debt levels, financial obligations, credit payments, history of default payments and late payments, according to a statement.
Mortgage lenders, banks, insurers, utilities, employers, and other businesses may obtain credit reports from credit bureaus to assess how an individual manages their responsibilities," the Fed said in a release.
But while a certain amount of regulation is sensible--requiring credit-reporting companies to send credit reports to all their customers every year would be a good start--it might not be the best way to fix the problem.
Review your credit reports regularly to check that the information is accurate and file disputes when you need to make corrections.
Unlike freezes, retailers are still able to access credit reports, just with fraud alerts attached.
However, many consumers did not know more detailed information, such as how long items remained on their credit reports or the impact their credit history could have on insurance rates and potential employment.
Statement of the applicant's right to obtain a copy of their credit report within 60 days, and their right to dispute information in the report.
The bill also amends the FCRA in other areas, adding new provisions including several steps to prevent and punish identity theft, requiring credit reporting agencies to provide any consumer one free copy of his or her credit report per year, tightening requirements for correcting incorrect or fraudulent information in a credit report and limiting the use of credit reports in employee investigations.
If the driver's license address is not on the application, write it down so you can later cross-check it with the addresses listed on the housing and credit reports.
He applied for the home loan and was surprised to learn that his credit report revealed an extra $87,000 of debt including a car loan, educational loan, and home improvement loan, other things.
place alerts in consumer credit reports to prevent identity thieves from opening accounts in their names
Allstate has been using information in credit reports since the early 1990s, but it began using insurance scores only in 1999.