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a private firm that maintains consumer credit data files and provides credit information to authorized users for a fee

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Kenneth contacted the credit reference agency and debt collection firm and had the reference removed.
The person should write to the credit reference agency asking for a copy of any information held about her/him.
Access to your credit file If you have been turned down for a credit agreement you have the right to request the creditor provides you with details of the credit reference agency they used.
Lenders must tell consumers if they are rejected based on information from a credit reference agency, and provide details of the agency.
This is held securely by a credit reference agency - Experian is the UK's largest.
Credit reference agency Experian said seven out of every 10,000 personal loan applications made during the third quarter were fraudulent, 57 per cent up on last year.
The rise was driven by an increase in people lying on application forms in a bid to get around the strict lending criteria now employed by banks and building societies, according to credit reference agency Experian.
AN online credit reference agency launched by a North Wales man aims to allow small businesses to share information on bad debtors and avoid customers unlikely to pay.
Analysis carried out by credit reference agency Experian found that the wealthiest and most credit-worthy sections of society were at the greatest risk from identity fraud, with criminals increasingly launching premeditated and sophisticated attacks on them.
The bill from British Gas threatened to pass the debt on to a credit reference agency.
Work by credit reference agency Experian suggests there are regional 'hotspots' of bankruptcy and Individual Voluntary Arrangements.
Get a copy of your credit file from a credit reference agency - www.