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trustworthiness with money as based on a person's credit history

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"Banks must lend to the poor, it is not the rich alone that are credit worthy, the poor are equally credit worthy, if not more credit worthy.
He then went to New York, London and Paris, where he told bankers that Brazil was still "credit worthy" and foreign speculators that "they could still make some money here."
"As long as the dollar remains strong and inflation is in check, I think we will continue to see national retailers, credit worthy tenants, wanting to be in those suburban centers."
"This building has such solid cash flow, about 60% of it is leased to credit worthy tenants for 15-20 years."
"Within the context of the soft regional market, Archon Group displayed significant flexibility--by carrying the existing vacancy for a full year--in order to secure this credit worthy tenant at 400 Atrium Drive," Sarno said.
Cohn's genius was evidenced by a remarkable ability to acquire properties on extremely advantageous terms, refurbish, attract major credit worthy tenants and finance.
For example, many landlords have been willing to offer generous tenant work packages or less frequent base year rent increases for credit worthy tenants who are prepared to sign a lease.
The sub-tenants are getting prime space in one of New Jersey's premiere office projects, and the ownership of the property gets some very desirable and credit worthy sub-tenants," said Welsh, a vice president in the Paramus office of CB Richard Ellis.
Now Max Capital made way for Conde Nast at the urging of Insignia/ESG's Mary Ann Tighe, because it's a more credit worthy tenant.