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As noted, the Reserve Bank conducted a comprehensive fair lending and redlining review at Veritex Bank contemporaneously with the 2013 CRA Evaluation of Veritex Bank and, based on their entire review, did not find evidence of illegal credit discrimination. Moreover, the Oak Lawn branch would be located in an LMI area and an area where the majority of the residents are minority, which is expected to allow Veritex Bank to establish new deposit and lending relationships with, and better serve, customers in the area.
I was honored to be part of the NACM-National delegation that went to the Federal Reserve Board, on behalf of commercial credit grantors, to explain that the right to require signatures of both spouses in both common law and tenancy states was not a credit discrimination issue, but rather an access to assets issue--if and when open, unsecured credit goes bad.
Nader mentioned credit discrimination, unnecessary operations and auto-dealer ripoffs as issues pioneered by him and ignored by feminists.
Credit discrimination occurs whenever minorities are denied credit on the basis of race or are offered loans at terms different than the terms offered similarly situated whites.
Being an American of African descent exposes one to a unique set of life experiences (e.g., police brutality, housing discrimination, credit discrimination).
Each year these organizations together receive over a thousand complaints of alleged credit discrimination (see U.S.