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  • verb

Synonyms for create

Synonyms for create

to form by artistic effort

Synonyms for create

make or cause to be or to become

bring into existence

pursue a creative activity

invest with a new title, office, or rank

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create by artistic means


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How do you celebrate Philippe Starck, creator of all things creatable, whose rise from nightclub stylist and Ian Schrager muse to French national treasure has, as he hoped it would, bent our understanding of the interplay between products and marketing, designers and design?
Giant advertising balloons are safe, temporary, inexpensive, effective and aesthetically pleasing to the eye, unlike other forms of signage already permitted in the city of Los Angeles,'' said Adam Melendez of Creatable Inflatables in South El Monte.
The implication of economic forces that lead to vertical integration for asset appraisal is that data needed to complete an income approach valuation for any specific asset will be so commingled with the income of the other assets that it is unlikely to be available or creatable.
Galen Capital Group, LLC, a merchant banking firm dedicated to the growth of early stage and middle-market companies, announced today that it has arranged for bridge financing for Creatable Media, Inc.
All of the extra IDE productivity enhancements like live code templates with user creatable scripts and templates via code completion, new refactorings, the change bar, the smart indentation and the full Together(R) support that allows non ECO classes to be viewed and modified visually, all mean that Delphi 2006 is destined to be the only development environment that I will be using.