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Synonyms for popsicle

ice cream or water ice on a small wooden stick

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You can bet David Wright won't be breaking out the creamsicle shoes anytime soon.
a concoction of Creamsicle swirl, salt water taffy bits and orange jelly candies, created by Nancy West of Frenchtown, N.
A must-have for martini-lovers, as it features such exotic martini creations as Orange Creamsicle, Pink Panther, Truffilini, and much more.
Dessert Treats Deliciously Kissable Body Frosting in Creamsicle, $22, Walgreens and desserttreats.
I see a little orangish, like an orange creamsicle.
The La Jolla Splash is available in three bright colors -- creamsicle, limeade and tiki blue.
In the Northeast, after a long creamsicle winter of white snow and orange alerts, we'd just begun to hear the morning birds again.
Madras Balancing toner, pounds 25, Creamsicle Nourishing Eye Cream, pounds 20, Foxy Lady Vitamin C mask, pounds 30.
For example: "Try our Creamsicle Italian soda -- it'll make you feel like a kid on a hot summer day
Slim Orange reminds you of a Creamsicle bought on a hot summer afternoon from an ice cream truck with a tinkling bell.
I suggest packing a cooler with some nutritious snacks and 'mini meals' C like Cabot's Homemade Fruit on the Bottom Yogurt Cups, Mini Kale & Caramelized Onion Frittatas or Raspberry Creamsicle Smoothie.
The varieties include: Apple Pie Alamode, Cherry Cheesecake and Strawberry Shortcake; Watermelon, Strawberry/Banana and Blue Rasp-berry; Orange Creamsicle, Blueberries and Cream and Cherry Cheesecake; and Wild Cherry, Bubblegum and Cotton Candy.
People's Choice for Dessert: The Publick House Historic Inn in Sturbridge for creamsicle baked Alaska.
The eleven paintings here--which were indeed completed, if loose and occasionally undercooked--variously suggested pinwheels, ice cream cones, and body parts, with the amorphous pale-pink form in Creamsicle, 2010, recalling ice cream and a fleshy mass.
And he was right, the wonderful flavor combination did taste like an old-fashioned creamsicle, but without the sugar.