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having the color of fresh cream

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The bride looked ravishing in an embroidered cream-coloured anarkali and a sequined gold dress with polki choker necklaces, crown tikkas, cascading hair and her enviable bee-stung pout.
One of them snatched her cream-coloured handbag, which contained cash, a driving licence, passport and credit cards.
Anyone with kids will attest that the beautiful cream-coloured shagpile you once trod on barefoot pre-children, and which felt like you were being carried aloft by a million miniature feathers, now resembles a Jackson Pollock print.
confusa is smaller, growing around 75cm (2.5ft) high, with glossy, dark green, oval leaves, cream-coloured flowers and a powerful scent.
She was last seen wearing a cream-coloured fleece jacket, black vest top and leggings, and distinctive black Adidas trainers with bright orange stripes and orange sole.
In a cream-coloured headscarf and a dark suit, Fatma Nabil appeared to read the noon news bulletin yesterday.
The 22-year-old Manchester City striker got Italian designers to customize his 300-pound cream-coloured Voodoo top from Bad Spirit, the Daily Mail reported.
He wore dark jeans and a dirty cream-coloured jacket.
The second suspect had a shaved head, medium build and wore a cream-coloured hooded top.
I was wearing a cream-coloured dress and my sponsor was shouting 'You should have worn the red dress!'" The beauty had already planned to wear red for the final, but had no idea until the day before Jamie wouldn't attend.
Its cream-coloured spring flowers are followed by black sloes in autumn.
Many locals took pride in the distinctive cream-coloured work, which became known locally as the Lurpak sculpture because it appeared to be carved out of butter.
The dog is described as a dark-brown collie, with a cream-coloured chest.
The cream-coloured female Labrador has a white tip on her tail and a white spot on her head.
But the goings-on in the ice cream-coloured village have kept many a fractious youngster quiet for those vital few minutes while you catch up on sleep, brew up, cook, iron or just snatch a few precious moments to yourself.