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Permethrin 1% cream rinse is indicated for the treatment of head lice only.
50) combines travel-sized bottles of shampoo, cream rinse, cleanser, mask and sunscreen moisturizer for a convenient and inexpensive way to sample these natural products.
Don't use a cream rinse or conditioning shampoo before or for two weeks after using these products.
Among the products in the line are Dry Clean, a waterless spray shampoo, Furtastic, a conditioning cream rinse for dogs with curly and long coats, and Furball, a detangling spray.
The other is a cream rinse that contains permethrin, a chemical form of the pyrethrums found in the OTC products.
Sales of hair conditioner and cream rinse were $970 million during the same period, up 3.
Nicole Kidman gets heavy-handed with the cream rinse for her sultry role in "Batman Forever.
supplies Nix, a line that includes specialized combs, cream rinse and a complete lice-removal kit.
NEW YORK -- Demand for clarifying conditioners--used for cleansing in lieu of shampoo --made the overall conditioner and cream rinse category the fastest-growing among major hair care segments in the latest tracking period.