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sweetened mixture of milk and eggs baked or boiled or frozen

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CHEF: Steven Burgess REFRESHING: Confit salmon salad with pickled cucumber, salted cauliflower, orange, radish and shallot CLASSIC: Strawberry and vanilla crumble with clotted cream custard
Supper: Porridge with clotted cream and fresh cream custard.
Hollandaise sauce, a rich, thick, lemon-flavored butter sauce, and creme brulee, a savory cream custard topped with a sugar glaze, are perfect accompaniments to a gourmet menu, but not all operations have the time, capacity or kitchen space to prepare these items.
The Heavenly Devonly range of chilled desserts is based on layers of clotted cream custard, moist sponge and then a jam or sauce.
Prune and armagnac tart was served with brandy cream custard, followed by a Scottish cheese board selection and coffee or Earl Grey tea with Scottish shortbread.
Then comes an Avo XO with a choice of osso buco, a fresh fish dish or grilled chicken, and ends with a surprise cigar, vanilla cream custard and a tasting of Hine's new Cigar cognac.
5 cups whipping cream Custard sauce (recipe follows) Cream puffs (recipe follows)
New Crustless Coconut Cream Pie tops homemade coconut cream custard with oven-toasted coconut flakes and real whipped cream.
DIET: High-calorie prescription milk Infantrini which is 1 cal per ml, Agatha has around 500-600ml a day Breakfast: Porridge with clotted cream, fresh cream custard & fruit, toasted malt loaf with butter and maybe chocolate spread.