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The 3/4-cup serving is one reason why no ice cream cups met our 100-calorie limit for a Better Bite rating.
From Ton Puts there was a special line of dietetic dairy and non-dairy ice cream cups, puddings, cakes, tarts with custard fillings, flans, apple strudel and pre-portioned cake slices.
Then it's off to the recipes for such succulent creations as Blueberry Coconut Dreamsicles, Boston Cream Cups, Banana-Toffee Pie, and Ross's bestseller, Most Favored Raspberry Macadamia Cake.
VANILLA AND PISTACHIO ICE CREAM CUPS Serves 6 6 egg yolks 150g caster sugar 250ml full-fat milk 250ml double cream 90g of pistachio nuts 2 tsps of vanilla extract 1 Whisk the yolks with half the caster sugar in a large bowl until it's thick and creamy.
Filled cones and children's lollies bucked this trend, bringing new consumers to the sector over the summer months - and there was a strong performance from ice cream cups, a relatively new part of the market.
The police also found the used ice cream cups emitting foul smell in the hotel room.
The grocery store was running low on individual ice cream cups, so we also bought some Italian ice in small containers.
CHILL OUT Take an ice cream break with your fave flave served up in Meri Meri ice cream cups ($14.
The Ferentino factory is the only site producing Coppa del Nonno ice cream, a 60-yar-old exclusively Italian brand sold in multipacks and in single-serve ice cream cups.
The Skinny Cow has introduced single-serve, low-fat ice cream cups.
donations on ice cream cups and little white-paper-wrapped wooden
Pack of six Guzzini two-tone ice cream cups, pounds 8, Amaroni, www.
Bear in mind it's easier to keep calories in check with 100-calorie treats like frozen fudge bars or ice cream cups and pre-portioned bags of chips or cookies.
Sunny Mix is presented as "an exotic touch for fruit salads, ice cream cups, and numerous other preparations.
Included in the gift-ready selection are Praline Cream Cups, Midler Creams, Citrus Segments, Coconut Caprice, Lemon Crisps, and Golden Rings.