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large can for transporting milk

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And I tell people now that I want my cream can back; because it's my cream can and they took that.
"I want my cream can back" is a feminist demand; and judging by the practices of the Lundgards, we could even call it an ecofeminist demand.
About 300gm of marijuana and 92 prescription pills in four shaving cream cans were found.
I put them in cream cans, until one day I realized I had a few cream cans full, and I started cleaning them and hanging them up.
What is unique about Neigel's intricate work is the surface on which she does her painting--everything from handsaws, saw blades, frying pans, antique jars, washbasins, cream cans, and slices of poplar trees.
We had three of them, all covered with wooden decks equipped with trap-doors in order that the cream cans and butter could be hung from ropes down into the well during hot weather.
Bob and his crew also had to build one Cooley creamer from scratch, which included taking painstaking measurements, making patterns for castings and having new cream cans made complete with spun tops.
The cream was accumulated in 10-gallon cream cans which were then carried by my elder brothers on a pole for three miles up the mountain and through the woods to the highway.
It was a good way to haul fuel, which we put in 10-gallon cream cans. That little Model T was very nice about starting in the summer when it was warm.