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type genus of the Cracidae: curassows

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7 Meleagridae 1 1 Crax rubra 1 1 unidentified bird 35 - Mammalia 423 13 7.
Species of similar size as the Red-billed Curassow such as Crax globulosa had densities of 3-4 birds/[km.
Modelling post-release survival of reintroduced Red-billed Curassows Crax blumenbachii.
O mutum Crax blumenbachii na Reserva Florestal Particular de Linhares-ES.
Notes on the nesting of the Red-billed Curassow Crax blumenbachii.
Reintroducao de mutuns-dosudeste Crax blumenbachii (Cracidae) na Mata Atlantica da Reserva Ecologica de Guapiacu (Cachoeiras de Macacu, RJ, Brasil).
Larger seeds (6-30 mm) were completely destroyed in the gastrointestinal tracts of Mitu salvini and Crax alector compared to smaller (2-5 mm) seeds (Yumoto 1999, Santamaria and Franco 2000).
Regime alimentaire de Tinamus major (Tinamidae), Crax alector (Cracidae) et Psophia crepitans (Psophiidae), en foret guyanaise.
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