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Synonyms for crawler

a person who tries to please someone in order to gain a personal advantage

a person who crawls or creeps along the ground

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Liebherr has set a new world record by putting together a crawler crane with a boom height of 248m, and with a 3,000-tonne rated capacity, the LR 13000 is also the world's strongest conventional crawler crane.
We didn't realize it at the time, but this hook, which had a similar but less pronounced bend in the shank, added spin and vibration to our crawlers and leeches.
Formed seven years ago, Carpet Crawlers are known for being much more than just a tribute band and their January 28 show, which takes place in the O2 Academy on Hotham Street, will also feature an impressive light and sound show courtesy of the Crawlers' rig.
Chances are good that providing habitat for night crawlers will attract them innoticeable numbers, but if you want to import worms to colonize your new garden area, you can use night crawlers that are sold as fishing bait.
KERB crawlers should be given therapy rather than be charged, experts say.
In 2003 this newspaper took a brave decision to launch its Kerb the Crawlers campaign, working with Cleveland Police to name and shame kerb-crawlers.
A CRACKDOWN has been launched by police on sex workers and kerb crawlers in the Kensington area of Liver pool.
WOLVERHAMPTON today declared the city a no-go area for kerb crawlers in a new poster campaign designed to kill off its street sex trade.
In iVia these crawlers and classifiers are shared, as is the backend.
Listings with directories may also help your site to be picked up by crawler search engines because crawlers pick up on the numbers of links to a site.
A Web page may serve as the front end to a database, image repository, or a library management system, and Web crawlers capture none of the material contained in these so-called "deep" Web resources.
Most yards that initially try a wheeled machine come back for many more and only use the crawlers for the dedicated uses.