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a rotating shaft driven by (or driving) a crank

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To perform an inspection, the operator places the crankshaft into a holder on the measuring station and clamps it into place.
The authors have explained theoretically that the resonance frequency of bending vibration of the crankshaft rear is changed as engine speed is changed if the crankshaft whirls on its rear end.
Federal-Mogul Powertrain, a subsidiary of Federal-Mogul LLC, is extending its crankshaft bearing portfolio with a new high performance polymeric coating, IROX(R) 2.
The crankshaft is solid metal bar transmit power or motion in axial direction.
Too many measurement points used to pick up main points that measurement data effectively helps to identified main vibration parameters and increased accuracy of evaluation of technical condition of CR1 and CR2 in general and crankshafts eccentric bearings in particular.
In practice, the unbalancing mass of crankshaft system may be generated and beyond the allowable range affected by the factors of machining precision, installation precision, wear and deformation, and so forth.
Crankshaft systems of reciprocating compressors have an effective influence on compressor performance, being the main part responsible for vibration production [2].
et al., "In-Situ Laser Build-Up Welding Of Shipboard Crankshafts'",, in Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol.
Mape, a machining specialist, makes a good owner for the Spanish plant, as it has the resources and expertise to further develop and expand it, Bratt said, adding that the terms of the deal also allows the group to ensure supply for its heavy-duty engines.For the buyer, with operational presence in Italy, Sweden and the US, the acquisition is a chance to boost its business in the heavy-duty engine sector, by adding capacity and customers that are looking to outsource crankshafts, chairman Giuseppe Pederzini commented.
Part of its capacity, used to make crankshafts for Volvo Groupa[euro](tm)s automotive medium-duty engines, will be relocated as the group will switch to a new generation of engines next year, it said.
All the three firms are engaged in the manufacturing of semi-finished and finished crankshafts on a job work basis, primarily for M&M and TML.
RAIB did not call for a full investigation but has written to operators asking them to check their systems for checking for flaws in crankshafts.
Crankshafts, be they in engines, compressors or pumps, are rotating continuously and carrying multiple bi-directional side loads.
The deal comes after another Cornwall company recently won two contracts from Ford Motors for crankshafts worth pounds 8 million annually.