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Synonyms for crampon

a hinged pair of curved iron bars

an iron spike attached to the shoe to prevent slipping on ice when walking or climbing

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"Had they had ice axes or crampons they may never have slipped, or they may have been able to arrest the fall." Pathologist Doctor Tony Caslia, of Bangor Hospital, said the men suffered extensive injuries.
Rescue team leader Terry Confield said: "It had been frosty in this area all week, and to pit yourself against the Ben without ice axes and crampons at this time of year is foolhardy."
"They had no ice axe or crampons and their boots were suitable for summer conditions.
There has been deep snow on the slopes from quite low down and the crampons have seen a lot of use.
"We were completely prepared with warm clothing but we did not have an ice axe or crampons. We went up an easy track but on the way back there was ice.
That has been curtailed for a while, but the baby will soon be measured up for his first pair of crampons.
Players have to wear several layers of clothing, crampons on their boots and heavy mittens on their hands.
Cannibals and Crampons, an expedition film co-directed by Mark Anstice and Bruce Parry, has taken the grand prize at the Kendal Mountain Film Festival.
We also know that men who fiddle and fumble with women's bras are the same men who couldn't find a clitoris if you gave them a map, a compass and crampons.
There was a time when the sloping arena seemed more suited to crampons than cover drives, but thanks to Nobby's unceasing efforts, the ground was levelled in 1988 and the present pavilion and dressing rooms were built.
A mountain rescue team spokesman said neither woman had crampons or an ice axe, which would have helped.
Tim Bird, a North Wales Police representative on the forum, added: "Even though its Easter dangerous hazards remain on the mountains following the recent adverse weather and visitors will require ice axes and crampons."
In snow and ice, crampons and an ice axe - together with the ability to use them - are essential.'
They reckon rivals will need an ice axe and crampons to get higher than they did.