Viburnum opulus

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deciduous thicket-forming Old World shrub with clusters of white flowers and small bright red berries

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Consider: probiotics, lipotropics, cramp bark, or black haw
OonaPMS1 combats the physical and psychological symptoms of PMS by using herbs to balance certain hormones that can mitigate the onset of PMS, while OonaPMS2 uses a proprietary cramp bark extract to alleviate menstrual cramps.
Nutritional physician Dr Marilyn Glenville, an expert in women's health problems, has formulated drops for PMT which contain blue cohosh, agnus castus, lady's mantle and cramp bark.
For severe cramp-like pains in the uterus, try cramp bark (viburnum opulus).
Some gentle herbal muscle relaxants that also help with mental relaxation might help and skullcap tincture and cramp bark tincture would be helpful, too.
Cramp bark is an ideal herb for this, as its name suggests, it helps with cramps.