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annual or perennial herbs with large leaves that resemble the leaves of cabbages

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962"] (Erzurum Province) at an elevation of 1850 m absl mainly on Crambe orientalis (Figs.
O crambe e uma planta de inverno, originaria do Mediterraneo e tem sido cultivada na Africa, Asia, Europa, Estados Unidos, Mexico e America do Sul, como cultura para cobertura do solo.
The additives would be made from the predominant fat molecules--triglycerides--in natural oils of familiar crops like soybean, corn, or canola or from lesser-knowns like pennycress, camelina, and crambe.
a crambe recocta of all heterogeneous elements--for which it would be difficult to discover a palpable simile, except we find it in a Centaur, "half man and half horse"--or in a mermaid, "a lovely lady with a fish's tail"--or in a Caliban, or in a "Bottom the weaver," with his innocent ass's mouth "watering for thistles.
The Energy & Environmental Research Center (EERC) at the University of North Dakota today announced a $1 million project at Tesoro's Mandan, North Dakota, oil refinery that will evaluate renewable oil refining technologies for commercial production of diesel, jet, and other fuels and chemicals using local oilseed crops, such as crambe.
South Cone is focused on jatropha plantations but also develops short rotation crops such as sunflower, crambe and castor to secure ongoing revenue stream.
20) In his later publication, Coryates Crambe (1611), Coryate takes the opportunity to respond to those who had misrepresented him as a fool and an "ass" in their dedicatory addresses to the Crudities.
I will soon be starting numerous perennials--some of them edible like crambe maritima (seakale), Good King Henry, and multiplier onions--some of them as habitat for beneficial insects--some of them nitrogen fixers (lupines, Dutch white clover) or dynamic accumulators (comfrey, dandelion, sorrel, vetches)--all of them beautiful.
The use of vegetable oils such as linseed (flaxseed), tung, lunaria, lesquerella, crambe, rapeseed, castor, veronia, etc.
Oil seeds : 25% (normally crambe, sunflower or canola)
Hill has also most usefully identified the true subjects of a number of the best-known watercolours, especially the view of Crambe Beck Bridge, near Kirkham (Victoria and Albert Museum), previously misidentified as a portrayal of Chirk Aqueduct (Fig.
The list of eligible commodities has since been expanded to include barley, canola, corn, cotton, crambe, flaxseed, mohair, mustard seed, oats, rapeseed, sunflower, rice, saf-flower seed, sesame seed, sorghum, soybeans and wheat.
Start with white lilac and foxgloves, philadelphus and lilies, great cumulus clouds of crambe and gypsophila and then squeeze in as many white roses as you can.
Biological flora of the British Isles: Crambe maritima L.
The acetone extract and free sulfur values of meadowfoam, rapeseed and crambe factices were in the same range.