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any of several short-billed Old World rails

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Crake, mainly ground-dwelling birds, belongs to the family of Rallidae and the order of Gruiformes, and often looks for food in paddy fields, cannas, shrubs and swamps.
The adult black-tailed crake is 21-24 cm in length with a green bill, black tail and reddish legs.
Clinical rescue of the black-tailed crake in the wild is handicapped by the paucity of the basic data of the stomach structure.
The present study appears to be first description of the morphology and histochemistry of the proventriculus and gizzard of the black-tailed crake.
The histological observation of the stomach of black-tailed crake demonstrated that the wall of proventriculus and gizzard consisted of three tunics, and this was in consistent with the findings of Zhu et al.
2008) found that the mucosas of proventriculus of some birds were covered by a thin layer of cuticle or koilin, whereas in the proventriculus of black-tailed crake, this layer was not observed.
2012), the compound tubular glands of black-tailed crake occupied the thickest part of the wall in the proventriculus, while the muscular layer occupied the thickest part of the wall in the proventriculus of carnivorous falcon (Abumandour, 2013), which might because the big-sized foods need more power to be pushed into the gizzard.
The recordings that where used to attract the birds where done by Manuel Grosselet, who tape-recorded the Grey-breasted Crake in the marsh in Minatitlan (records available at www.
Apparently, the Grey-breasted Crake has been expanding its distribution range to the north, however more studies are needed to corroborate this hypothesis.
Grosselet who kindly gave us information and tape recordings of the Grey-breasted Crake.