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the arts of decorative design and handicraft

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The Japanese firm say the newcomer will also be built to the highest level of craftmanship and quality.
Short stories are a real test of craftmanship and Smith delights on all fronts with this collection on coincidence, life, love and death.
This is an accomplished and academic building, in which detailing and immaculate craftmanship are a constant pleasure.
Favier has a recurring taste for old ornamental argenterie and for decorative rococo patterns; or allegorical figures from the late 19th century that glorify industry; or for medieval ecclesiastic architectural elements; all this denotes a nostalgia for good craftmanship, becomes a metaphor for a great painting which has disappeared.
Vigilant is the only line of desktop humidors complete with an electronic humidification system and its fine cabinetry is built with precise craftmanship using only the finest woods and stains.
There's some fantastic stuff on show - and some great craftmanship.
So he enrolled in the well-regarded, practical HND Furniture Craftmanship programme at Fife College, where his hopes are beginning to look rather well-founded.