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Synonyms for crackerjack

having or demonstrating a high degree of knowledge or skill

a person with a high degree of knowledge or skill in a particular field

Synonyms for crackerjack

someone excellent of their kind

something excellent of its kind

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Throughout the promotion, consumers can also engage with the Cracker Jack brand and other fans in new and exciting ways through a dedicated tab on the Frito-Lay Facebook Page (www.
Reversing that downfall is the challenge facing Frito-Lay, the Pepsico division that acquired Cracker Jack from Borden Foods in October, as it begins an all-out effort to rejuvenate this venerable munchie.
As one of the few brand names that has become part of pop culture, largely through the lyrics of ``Take Me Out to the Ballgame,'' the Pepsico unit saw Cracker Jack as a natural fit with its Lay's, Doritos and Cheetos brands.
The Joy of Ballpark Food from Hot Dogs to Haute Cuisine traces the history and evolution of ballpark food, from how the hot dog came to America and came to be associated with baseball to other foods associated with ballpark events, from Cracker Jack to the later appearance of nachos and knishes.
The Cracker Jack (R) Collection: Baseball's Prized Players is the 100th anniversary commemoration of one of the most extensive, treasured, and valuable collections of old baseball cards originally packaged inside Cracker Jack (R) snack boxes.
Stereoscopic and 3D images have been the subject of wonder and intrigue for centuries, from political campaign buttons to Cracker Jack prizes.
She calls her book and its simple yet powerful wake-up call a "joyous, straight-talking Cracker Jack box full of treats with the best possible prize inside: a better life"
Cracker Jack boxes provided that junky plastic toy.
Cooper were the toy surprise in this wonderful Cracker Jack box of a magazine.
This was the first time I rode Leo and I just followed the tactics of my trainer Mattar Suhail Al Yabhouni," said Hamdan, who won the 2008 President's Cup with Nadja Lotois and the 2009 cup with Torryburn Cracker Jack.
You can use store-bought Cracker Jack (the cook gets to keep the prize) or make your own with gourmet caramel corn and salty Spanish peanuts.
Known for their catchphrase Fan Dabi Dozi and from many 80s TV shows - Cracker jack, Krankies Klub, The Krankies Electronic Komic to KTV - The Krankies had their own TV show for 12 years.
CHRISTMAS cracker Jack The Giant proved a vital last-minute present for Ascot punters as he wore down outsider Alsadaa to put the bookies back in their boxes.
In a letter dated 28 April 1941, the Cracker Jack Company objected to the DAE's entry: "We understand the term Crackajack to mean as defined in number one of your definition," attorney Arthur L.