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Synonyms for crack



break down

crack down on something or someone


have a breakdown


burst out laughing


  • burst out laughing
  • laugh
  • fall about (laughing)
  • guffaw
  • roar with laughter
  • be in stitches
  • split your sides

Synonyms for crack

to undergo partial breaking

to make a sudden sharp, explosive noise

to find the key to (a code, for example)

to give way mentally and emotionally

to suddenly lose all health or strength

crack up: to undergo wrecking

crack up: to give way mentally and emotionally

crack up: to suddenly lose all health or strength

a sudden sharp, explosive noise

a usually narrow partial opening caused by splitting and rupture

a trying to do or make something

a brief trial

a flippant or sarcastic remark

having or demonstrating a high degree of knowledge or skill

Synonyms for crack

a narrow opening


a long narrow depression in a surface

a sudden sharp noise


Related Words

a chance to do something

witty remark

a blemish resulting from a break without complete separation of the parts

a purified and potent form of cocaine that is smoked rather than snorted

a usually brief attempt

the act of cracking something

become fractured


make a very sharp explosive sound

Related Words

make a sharp sound


Related Words

hit forcefully

Related Words

pass through (a barrier)

break partially but keep its integrity

break suddenly and abruptly, as under tension

gain unauthorized access computers with malicious intentions

Related Words

suffer a nervous breakdown

tell spontaneously

cause to become cracked

reduce (petroleum) to a simpler compound by cracking

break into simpler molecules by means of heat

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And entering 2011, crack spreads are inspiring flashes of deja vu.
The grades have rallied in the past three months as healthy product demand has triggered a sharp rebound in crack spreads.
Persistence of weak crack spreads, escalating costs, and material disruptions in plant production;
Both diesel and jet fuel crack spreads remained relatively flat during Q2 2011 and slightly below their Q1 levels, as a combined result of slowing but still continuing Asian demand growth, ample middle distillate inventories and seasonal weakness," it said.
Trends in crack spreads, plant utilization, margins per barrel, and product demand; and
In the Company's refining segment, third quarter results were adversely impacted by a significant decline in the 5-3-2 Gulf Coast crack spread in the period.
Heavy crudes are richer in fuel oil and traders use the crack spread as a barometer for the value of these grades.
However, significant increase in crude oil prices has the potential to slow down global demand growth, which could also adversely impact global crack spreads.
US gasoline futures crack spreads, an indication of refining profits, remain at seven-year seasonal lows as inventories hover above the five-year average.
The positive performance of the middle of the barrel, amid stronger demand and falling inventories, allowed gasoil crack spreads to show a sharp recovery.
The crack spreads into a quake by Thursday, for it is weekend eve and DEAR GOD JUST GET ME A FUNNEL AND SOME WHITE WINE.
Strong gasoline demand ahead of the US driving season lent support to crack spreads at the top of the barrel; however, middle distillates were pressured by higher refinery runs in the US Gulf Coast amid increasing inflows from Europe.
The Energy Department said so-called crack spreads - the difference between wholesale gasoline prices and crude-oil prices - were identified by its Energy Information Administration (EIA) as accounting for more than 60 percent of the recent price increase.
Traders are divided over whether the Saudis will make the unusual move of offering steeper discounts to Asian refiners to sell more and cool down global energy costs, or simply track routine market fundamentals such as crack spreads for naphtha, gas oil and fuel oil for pricing purposes.
He did not say whether he was referring to overall crack spreads or to a specific refined product.