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Mr Craciun had been watching football with a friend and had simply nipped to the corner shop to buy alcohol when he encountered the pair "lurking" in the street.
Craciun explains, "Since buying my first BMX bike at the age of 14, I've become more and more obsessed with the idea of going everywhere freely.
Craciun (2011, 2016), implicitly acknowledging this insuperable chronological difficulty, focuses solely on an earlier article, this one in the October 1816 issue of the Quarterly, which was published in February 1817 (Cutmore, 2005).
Capitalism in the former communist countries is still in its incipient stage, marked by contradictions, shortcomings, appearing to be very little prepared for 'management subtleties' (Craciun, 2003, p.
Roxana HUTANU, Petronela NECHITA, Lavinia IONESCU, Georgiana CRACIUN, Serban TURLIUC
( Craciun Research queried 400 voters who indicated last week they favored Clinton 47 percent to 43 percent, with 18 percent of voters saying they still were undecided.
The bike was conceived by Petre Craciun, a London-based designer and keen cyclist.
[2] Craciun Dan, Etica in afaceri - Globalizareacatema de reflecpieteoretica [Business ethics--Globalization as a theme of theoretical reflection], available at, accessed in June 2015
Bialek's power flow tracing methodology determines each generator's contribution based on the calculation of topological distribution factors using either the upstream looking algorithm or the downstream looking algorithm (Oana Pop, Stefan Kilyeni, Petru Andea, Constantin Barbulescu and Cristian Craciun, 2010).
An optimal sport performance involves just as much, if not more, a mental component than a physical one (Craciun, 2009).
But this is the first example of a textile electrode being truly embedded in a yarn," said Craciun, co-author of the research.
Moreover, the direct election of County Councils presidents by uninominal secret ballot as regulated through law strengthens the legitimacy of the county level within the circumstances of not having fully legislated on the statute and competences of the regional level (Craciun in Craciun and Collins, 2008: 50).
Thus, the efficiency of advertising communication will overwhelmingly depend on the relationship established between the advertisers and their target audience, in the manifestation of their spiritual affinities; by speaking the language of the public and ensnaring it in meaningful semantic content, an advertiser can capture its attention, make sense, stick to memory and, moreover, induce a bias for the promoted product (Craciun, 2014).
Craciun, "Vulcanization of ethylene-propylene-terpolymer-based rubber mixtures by radiation processing," Journal of Applied Polymer Science, vol.
Craciun, "Characteristics of natural rubber blends vulcanized with electron beam and microwave," Leather and Footwear Journal, vol.