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putting something into a form suitable for a printer

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Uber provided evidence for just 22 of the investigated instances where it claimed to have suspended the driver within one hour of a passenger filing a complaint - but even in those instances, the CPED reported Uber's records contradicted claims it had suspended drivers prior to initiating an investigation.
* Address all correspondence to Deborah Michael Wendland, PT, DPT, CPed; 3001 Mercer University Dr, Davis Building, 100A, Atlanta, GA 30341-4155; 678-547-6775; fax: 678-547-6202.
Regarding the Chapter Presidents/Executive Director (CPED) seminar, amends the PVA Administrative Guide to read "All PVA chapters shall require its Executive Director and President, or other chapter leadership official, to attend any official seminar."
This has happened as each administration has allegedly sold assets to their favored companies (CPED, 2002).
The Center on Postsecondary Education and Disability (CPED) at the University of Connecticut works toward understanding the design and delivery of appropriate instruction within postsecondary settings and the evaluation of student learning.
Ever heard of CPED? You probably think the "T" is missing from CPTED--crime prevention through environmental design--and you'd be right.
Home of professional development THE university's Darlington campus is home to the Centre for Professional and Executive Development (CPED), a building dedicated to meeting the North East's higher-level skills needs.
During and after my master's program, I had done some project-based work with the Family Housing Fund, the Center for Urban and Regional Affairs, Minneapolis CPED and the Greater Metropolitan Housing Corporation.
Together with linkages with AHI and the Centre for Population and Environmental Development (CPED), the two partner NGOs in HP4RY, the involvement of SWIN created synergistic gains for HP4RY as well as for each of these organizations and initiatives.