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Patients with osteoarthritis, crossover sign, CAM lesion, or coxa saltans were excluded.
Coxa saltans interna has been implicated as a source of pain particularly in the young female.
(17) These factors can confound the diagnosis, and it is possible that some patients with labrum tears due to psoas impingement could have a mild pincer lesion, capsular laxity, or even coxa saltans interna.
A case is presented to illustrate the diagnosis, and treatment of external Coxa Saltans in an elite dancer using Active Release Techniques[R] soft tissue management system.
The diagnosis of external coxa saltans (external snapping hip) due to snapping of the gluteus maximus and ITB over the greater trochanter was made.
(7,9) Chronic fibrosis can lead to an increased thickening of the fascia, which in turn may cause the gluteus maximus, TFL, ITB, fascia latae "complex" to snap over the greater trochanter during certain movements thus leading to the development of external coxa saltans. (4,6,8) There are various biomechanical causes that can lead to this increased tension, some of which include femoral retro or anteversion, internal tibial torsion (which can be the result of over pronation), excessive foot pronation, and an ipsilateral long leg.