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Synonyms for cowslip

early spring flower common in British isles having fragrant yellow or sometimes purple flowers

swamp plant of Europe and North America having bright yellow flowers resembling buttercups

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The rose glowed with a deeper crimson, the lily's soft leaves were more purely white, the crocus and humble cowslip shone like sunlight, and the violet was blue as the sky that smiled above it.
The funding will also provide 9,000 bulbs and wildflowers which will be planted in two stages later this spring: In February, 2,000 Winter Aconites, 2,000 Snowdrops and 2,000 Bluebells will arrive, followed in March by 500 each of Cowslips, Wild Primrose, Campion and Foxgloves.
Cowslips are often mistaken for Oxslips (Primula elatior), which is a hybrid between Cowslip and Primrose (Primula vulgaris).
Turn part of your lawn into a meadow by planting spring bulbs and cowslips and summer-flowering knapweed, poppies, cornflowers, field scabious and thistles.
These grasslands are nationally important and support a unique and diverse array of beautiful wildflowers such as cowslips, rockrose, wild thyme and harebell.
These include cowslips, knapweeds, meadow buttercups, cranesbills and orchids.
THREE Octavian Droobers claimed titles in the British Middle Distance Championships which saw around 1,000 competitors tip-toeing through the cowslips at Naphill in Bickinghamshire's Chiltern Hills.
It's such a lovely time of year here, the cowslips are in flower whilst the goslings and mallard chicks are exploring around the lagoons.
SEEDS OF SENTIMENT: I'VE planted double cowslips, some more white trilliums, pictured above, to go with the trillium grandiflora I planted on Gardeners' World a few weeks ago.
Another example, to reveal Hogan's exemplary prose: "Diarmaid entered, he laid some cowslips on the table.
Rich yellow and sweetly fragrant, cowslips are one of the most striking countryside flowers.
Finally I must mention the wonderful display of native cowslips along the A55, thanks to the highways authority and obtained, I was told, from the Liverpool National Wildflower Centre.
Spring comes unannounced by catkins and proceeds without benefit of crocuses, cowslips, or tulips.