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(28) Erik Slavin, "Analysts: China, US Legal Views Make More 'Cowpens Incidents' Likely", Stars and Stripes, 19 December 2013, available at <http://www.
Now within six miles of Morgan's camp, the Americans retrograded northward to a large clearing and pasture known as the Cowpens. At first contemplating the possibility of removing to the north side of Broad River, the American columns stopped at Cowpens, five miles short of the river's crossings.
Pacific Fleet, "Final Endorsement on Command Investigation into Ship's Readiness and Leadership ICO USS COWPENS (CG 63)" [redacted], San Diego, Calif., 11 July 2014.
He has worked for the National Park Service for more than 35 years in a career that included stops at the Lincoln Home National Historic Site in Illinois, Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky, Carlsbad Caverns National Park in New Mexico and Cowpens National Battlefield in South Carolina.
The French cuisine class, hosted by the command's Navy Food Management Team (NFMT), brought Sailors from the USS Essex (LFID 2), USS Cowpens (CG 63) and Naval Medical Center San Diego together to provide them with the basic techniques necessary for preparing and cooking French dishes from scratch.
Represented here by Zimmer America Recycling Solutions (ZARS), Cowpens, S.C., ARTEC and ZARS will showcase the new "Edelweiss" system at NPE2015 in March in Orlando, Fla.
His text is organized in eight chapters, focusing first on the leadership of Samuel Adams in Boston, followed by chapters devoted to the oratory of Patrick Henry, the leadership of Boston bookseller Henry Knox, the collaboration of Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson, the leadership of George Washington at the battles of Trenton and Princeton, Daniel Morgan at the Battle of Cowpens, WashingtonAEs leadership following the war, and several other subjects and source documents.
In addition, separate Sino-American talks could aim to avoid another "USS Cowpens" situation in which Chinese and US military vessels nearly collided in the South China Sea in December 2013.
Near the interesting town of Spartanburg lies Cowpens National Battlefield, where Lancashire lad Lt Colonel Banastre Tarleton's British regulars got a pasting by a motley crew of our colonial cousins.
Last year, a Chinese navy vessel cut within about 100 yards of the Cowpens, a U.S.
guided missile cruiser USS Cowpens had to take evasive action in the South China Sea to avoid hitting a warship supporting China's first aircraft carrier, the Liaoning.
ESG 7 initially collocated with 3d MEB in Manila, outside the affected area, and provided supplemental communications via EODMU 5's RRK before embarking USS COWPENS (CG 63), operating in Leyte Gulf, to assume JFMCC and provide C2 afloat.
According to the Washington Times, Campbell, a long-time Asia policymaker at both State and the Pentagon, said the danger of a U.S.-China military confrontation was highlighted on December 5 when a guided-missile destroyer USS Cowpens and a Chinese warship were about to collide in the South China Sea.
On 5 December, a Chinese vessel forced the USS Cowpens, which was operating in international waters, to maneuver away in order to avoid hitting the PLA Navy ship, which was on a collision course.
Years later, he mentions "The Web of Earth" in his author's note for the 2007 reissue of Brave Enemies (2003), his historical novel of the Revolutionary War Battle of Cowpens told by two first-person narrators, one male and one female ("Reaching" 315).